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Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball

Lakes Juniors

  • 15-R1
  • 16 Select
  • 18-2 Select
  • 14 EXS
  • 17-R1
  • 18-2 Select Theme Night
  • 18-1 Select Theme Night
  • Senior Night 2022
  • Senior Night 2022
  • Beach League
  • Beach League
  • Beach League

Thank you for your interest in Lakes Juniors Volleyball! The 2023 Club Volleyball Season is quickly approaching and we are busy planning a fun and challenging program for you this year!  Click on our "Schedules" tab for a calendar of upcoming events and the "Tryouts" tab for information on when and where our tryouts will be.

Visit our about page to learn more about our club. If you have any questions, please contact our Club Director Wayne Petrie at (262) 949-6604 or


JVC Volleyball News


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